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S2: E4 Delcianna Winders: Justice for Animals

Delcianna Winders is an animal law attorney, scholar, and professor. She has recently joined the Lewis and Clark Law School for Animal Studies where she will lead the newly formed animal law litigation clinic focused on the legal protections and rights of farmed animals. This is the nation’s first-ever clinic focused exclusively on animal law litigation, and with its creation, Lewis & Clark Law School becomes the first law school in the world to host two separate clinics devoted to animal law. (The existing animal law clinic, founded in 2008, focuses on policy.)

Season 2: Episode 3: Kathy Stevens: On Hope, Love, and a Vegan World 


Season 2 : Episode 2

Matt Rossell: His Time Inside The Hidden Worlds of Animal Torture, Abuse, and Suffering

Since his undercover days, he has worked for many organizations - all in the fight for animal rights, freedom, safety, and welfare. He’s an advocate, an activist, and a hero. Animals everywhere are lucky to have this man on their side.


Season 2 : Episode 1

Chrissy Beckles: Golden Gloves Boxer in the fight of her life: Saving the dogs of Puerto Rico.

Chrissy Beckles is the founder of the Sato Project, an organization that has been fighting to save the dogs of Puerto Rico for close to a decade. They truly couldn't have a better leader than they do in Chrissy. Not only is she one of the toughest, most resilient human beings I've ever met, but she's also got real skills in the ring. She's a Golden Gloves champion boxer, and she uses every one of her skills in the fight to save these dogs.

Episode 8: Susan Wagner : Stop Sending our Horses to the Slaughterhouse

Susan Wagner is a hero to horses everywhere. She is the President and founder of Equine Advocates, a horse rescue in Chatham New York. They rescue horses from horrifically abusive situations and have saved hundreds that were literally en route to the slaughterhouse. For decades, they have been an enormous force in the fight against horse slaughter.


Episode 7: Dr. Andrew Halloran: on Ending the Nightmare for Chimpanzees

Dr. Andrew Halloran is the director of chimpanzee care at Save the Chimps in Fort Pierce, Florida. Andrew has spent the past 20 years working to improve and save the lives of chimpanzees, not only chimps in captivity here in the U.S. with, but chimps in the wild as well in Sierra Leone. He has truly dedicated his life to these apes, and he's got incredible stories, a wealth of knowledge and a huge heart.

Save The Chimps in Fort Pierce, Florida

Episode 6: Jan Creamer: Stop Circus Suffering

ADI's conducted undercover studies in all of these countries for years, and every time that they're behind the scenes, they film violence and abuse at every circus on the planet. It doesn't matter what country, what they claim their laws are, the abuse is the same across the board.


Episode 5: Suzanne Roy:

Protecting America’s Wild Horses Part 2

Suzanne Roy is a hero in the animal rights movement. She has been fighting for the plights animals since the '90s, including chimps, elephants, marine mammals, and for the past nine years, America’s wild horses.


Episode 4: Ellie Phipps Price: Protecting America’s Wild Horses

Featuring Ellie Phipps Price, the president of the American Wild Horse Campaign, an organization that has been fighting for years to save America's wild horses. If you didn’t know that our wild horses needed saving, or even that we had any wild horses, here is some back story


Episode 3: Sarah Blaine: How to See an Elephant

Sarah Blaine is the founder of the Mahouts Elephant Foundation, a project in northern Thailand and a model for what elephant tourism should and hopefully one day will look like.


Episode 2: Anita Krajnc: How One Woman and Her Dog Started a Global Movement.

Her case attracted media from all over the world and brought global attention to her movement, The Toronto Pig Save – which has spawned The Save Movement: numerous Animal Saves that take place all over the planet. Each save group is shows up to their local slaughterhouse once, twice, or three times a week and bears witness to cows, pigs, chickens, fish, even whales and horses on their way to slaughter.


Episode 1: Marc Ching: On His Time Inside Asia’s Dog Slaughter Houses