S2 E6: Patrick Battuello: American Horses are Racing to their Deaths

On Sunday june 23rd the winter racing season at Santa Anita racetrack in Southern California finally came to a close. And on Saturday June 22nd the 30th horse died in racing or training at Santa Anita this year. That’s a lot of horse deaths. But there are a lot of horse deaths every year. In 2018, 493 thoroughbreds died in racing or training.

And so, there’s been a lot of talk about reforming horse racing. But the reforms that have been put in place aren’t really working: horses are still dying every week.

Patrick Battuello has been reporting on animal rights issues since he launched the Animal Rights blog for the Times Union (Albany, NY) in 2009. In 2013, he founded the organization, Horse Racing Wrongs. They aren’t interested in reforms. Instead, they are dedicated to a a complete abolition of horse racing, period. And with all these deaths, I can’t see how more people aren’t going to get behind them.

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