S2: E4 Delcianna Winders: Justice for Animals

Delcianna Winders is an animal law attorney, scholar, and professor. She has recently joined the Lewis and Clark Law School for Animal Studies where she will lead the newly formed animal law litigation clinic focused on the legal protections and rights of farmed animals. This is the nation’s first-ever clinic focused exclusively on animal law litigation, and with its creation, Lewis & Clark Law School becomes the first law school in the world to host two separate clinics devoted to animal law. (The existing animal law clinic, founded in 2008, focuses on policy.)

Delcianna has practiced animal law for more than a decade in a variety of settings and has taught the subject for nearly as long. As Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at the PETA Foundation, Professor Winders led a team of lawyers, veterinarians, and scientists to successfully transfer over a hundred individual animals from appalling conditions to reputable sanctuaries.

She originated the legal theory underpinning the recently filed first-ever lawsuit brought by a horse and also developed and brought litigation that successfully ended the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decades-long policy of secretly and illegally issuing Endangered Species Act permits to roadside zoos and circuses. 

She is leading a team of future lawyers in the fight to change a system that has perpetuated enormous amounts of unnecessary suffering toward animals throughout the US. Animals everywhere are very lucky to have Delcianna on their side. 

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