S2 E5: Mike Wolf: Undercover in America’s Factory Farms

Mike Wolf spent four years working undercover on factory farms. He has seen thousands of animals living in deplorable conditions and witnessed abuse that I think few of us can even imagine. He’s now Director of Investigations for the animal protection organization, Compassion Over Killing. 

Mike has led investigative efforts into meat, dairy, and egg facilities. He has overseen multiple investigations that have gone viral, sparking a national conversation about the treatment of farmed animals, and ultimately, impacting meaningful change. Among the investigative efforts Mike has led are a 2015 investigation into Hormel supplier Quality Pork Processors, exposing the dangers of a cruel USDA high-speed slaughter pilot program; and a 2016 Tyson Foods investigation that offered the first hidden-camera look inside broiler breeder factory farms and provided hard-hitting evidence that drove unprecedented trials and convictions for cruelty to chickens.

Mike also has a strong passion for vegan fitness, and hopes to show how easy it is to gain vegan muscle as a member of PlantBuilt’s Powerlifting team.

Since Mike and I met at his home in Arizona this spring, Compassion Over Killing has released another investigation. This time it was Martin Farms, a dairy farm in Pennsylvania that is a supplier for Nestle. The footage that they released is shocking to say the least. It’s absolutely horrific and extremely difficult to watch but I beg you – watch it. Share it. It's the only way that change happens. As hard is it is for us to sit through and watch these videos – think about the animals that are actually living through this. Please watch the video.

Nestle’s Nightmare: Undercover at Martin Farms

Compassion Over Killing

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