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S2: E3: Kathy Stevens: On Hope, Love, and a Vegan World 

Kathy Stevens is the founder of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, or CAS. It’s based in upstate New York and she founded it in 2001 with a mission to rescue farmed animals, ignite social change to end their exploitation, and to champion vegan living. CAS has rescued and been haven to more than 5000 animals over the past two decades and currently has over 300 incredibly happy residents. 

Kathy is also the author of 2 books: Where the Blind Horse Sings and Animal Camp: Lessons in Love and Hope from Rescued Farm Animals, and she is one of the best voices on veganism that I have ever had the pleasure to have listened to.  

Catskill Animal Sanctuary: casanctuary.org

Kathy’s books:

Animal Camp: Animal Camp: Lessons in Love and Hope from Rescued Farm Animals 

Where the Blind Horse Sings 

A couple of Kathy’s Talks:

NYC Bar Association  

2014 Niagara Veg Fest

Books Mentioned in this episode: 

Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America by Wenonah Hauter 

Meatonomics: How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much―and How to Eat Better, Live Longer, and Spend Smarter by David Robinson Simon  

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows:

An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy